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ROSOMAK Tannery is a family tanning-furriery firm, functioning since 1974, first in Dzierzoniow, then, since 1995, in Wroclaw. Its managers, from the very beginning, are Elzbieta and Wladyslaw Rusin.

ROSOMAK has at its disposal constantly modernized and enlarged machine park, which allows for a professional serial production of furs. The firm's flexibility makes possible the production of short series and single models.

Good quality of ROSOMAK products is the result of its owners' expertise, backed by the several generations' tradition, and of the qualifications of its employees - tanners and furriers.

Furs, jackets and shawls, made by ROSOMAK according to the latest European trends in fashion, are highly appreciated not only in Poland, but also in Western Europe, as well as in Lithuania and Russia.

ROSOMAK produces fur patterns for mink, tiger and ocelot imitations. They are dyed (in full scale of colours) with the use of widely recognized dyes from Clariant and Jos H. Lowenstein.

ROSOMAK is also the producer of semi-finished products for the clothing industry - fur hems for jackets, knit goods and footwear.


Since 1999, at the new place at 7, Opolska Street, the firm's shop offers:

  • furs,
  • jackets,
  • rabbit fur linings,
  • fur hems,

in all colours, made of natural, imported fell, at the producer's price.